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Electroforming is a manufacturing method generally considered an exacting form of replication in metal of a master mandrel, which may or may not be metallic, by electrodeposition. This is indeed a simple definition of a process which can make extremely complicated components when the need presents itself. In Fact some component types can only be made by the electroforming process while other components which may be made by other means are manufactured more economically through the electroforming process.


Heavy Deposition

Unlike electroforming in which the electrodeposit is removed from a master mandrel, heavy deposition is the science of adherently depositing a metallic layer over a metallic or non-metallic substrate. In this case we do not actually create a component, rather we augment the properties of the original surface to make it more suitable for its designated task. Increased surface hardness or an atmospheric barrier layer can be applied in layers over 1″ thick, for example.


Thin Film Coatings

Meeting the same basic design requirement as heavy deposition, thin film coatings are used to augment the properties of the electroformed components base material in some way. The ability of Platinum to stand up to concentrated Hydrochloric Acid, even anodically, to protect a nickel or copper electroform is one example. The application of vacuum deposited Aluminum to enhance the reflectivity of a mirrored surface is another.


Additional Services


Outside Product Development

From one time consultation to the creation of a turnkey facility, American Galvano can make your life easier and save you time and money with regard to your electroforming projects.

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