Examples of Electroforming

  • Reflectors and other durable optical surfaces
  • Hologram / digital information stampers
  • Ophthalmic / intraocular tooling
  • Fresnel / lenticular lenses
  • Battery Cans
  • Laser light guides
  • Cryogenic components
  • Heat exchangers / heat shielding
  • Rocket engine combustion chambers¬†weighing up to 1 ton
  • Flight weight or ground station microwave guides
  • Fuel lines or piping which requires no change in i.d. through bends
  • Components with intricate or complicated internal geometries
  • Seamless duct suitable for most gases
  • Molds for injection or casting
  • Nickel bellows
  • Paint spray masks
  • Vacuum or EDM electrodes
  • Propeller / rotor abrasion shielding
  • Machined cavity closeouts
  • Embossing Dies
  • Precision connectors

As you can see by the above, our “Examples of Electroforming” list covers a large variety of existing component types and is intended only as a general guide. There is no method available to predict future component types or designs nor could we list every type of electroform we have ever worked on. This list does contain a deeper message however, and that message is- no matter what your electroforming requirement is, you can draw on the vast knowledge at American Galvano to respond to your needs in a direct and intelligent manner.

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