Optical Electroforming Division

The Electroformed Optics Division of American Galvano is your one-stop center to fill all your precision optical needs. Simply supply us with your basic requirements such as the type of electroformed component, quantity, focal point(s) and aperture dimensions and we will do the rest.

Optical electroforms fill many voids in manufacturing precise components which in some cases are not attainable by other means or at the very least electroforming is an economical alternative to other methods of manufacture.

American Galvano has an extensive collective knowledge in the area of electroformed optical components for both Military and Commercial use.

Real time electronically controlled electrodeposition techniques afford a degree of both accuracy and repeatability not humanly possible. Electroforms with surface qualities as delicate as 6 wavelengths visible light have successfully been created here. Our typical electroformed reflector surface quality has a 60/40 scratch and dig specification. This specification is determined to be a practical balance between low cost and a maintained high performance.

While the most common metal used to electroform optical components such as reflectors or laser light guides is nickel or nickel cobalt, the inherent reflectivity of these metals is poor and degrades even more within a short period of time. For this reason, American Galvano offers various coatings which when applied to the reflector or mold enhance its capabilities. We offer vacuum deposited coatings designed to increase reflectivity over specific wavelengths of light or electrodeposited coatings designed to extend the unit life under environmental factors such as heat or abrasion. For those optical components used in analysis, such as particle counters, or digital imaging, we also offer a unique coating designed to virtually eliminate background noise generated by the surface of the mirror itself.

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